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Unknown Unknown GTP cyclohydrolase GTP cyclohydrolase GTP cyclohydrolase GTP cyclohydrolase 6-pyruvoyl tetrahydrobiopterin synthase Sepiapterin reductase Sepiapterin reductase Aldose reductase Carbonyl reductase [NADPH] 1 Sepiapterin reductase Carbonyl reductase [NADPH] 1 Sepiapterin reductase Dihydrofolate reductase Sepiapterin reductase Dihydropteridine reductase Tyrosine 3-monooxygenase Aromatic-L- amino-acid decarboxylase Tryptophan 5-hydroxylase 1 Aromatic-L- amino-acid decarboxylase Guanosine triphosphate Formamidopyrimidine nucleoside triphosphate H2O 2,5-Diaminopyrimidine nucleoside triphosphate Formic acid H2O Formic acid 2,5-Diamino-6-(5'- triphosphoryl-3',4'- trihydroxy-2'-oxopentyl)- amino-4-oxopyrimidine Dihydroneopterin triphosphate H2O Dyspropterin PPPi NADP NADPH 1-hydroxy-2-Oxopropyl tetrahydropterin NADP 6-Lactoyltetrahydropterin NADPH NADP NADPH Sepiapterin NADPH 7,8-Dihydroneopterin NADP NADP NADPH NADP Tetrahydrobiopterin NADPH NADPH NADP H2O Neopterin NAD NADH Dihydrobiopterin NADPH NADP O2 L-Dopa H2O CO2 L-Tryptophan O2 4a-Hydroxytetrahydrobiopterin CO2 Zinc Zinc Zinc Zinc Zinc Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate Fe2+ Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate L-Tyrosine Dopamine 5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan Serotonin Purine Metabolism Fe2+ Cytosol Clumsy or unusual gait, and experiences involuntary muscle contractions and uncontrolled movements (dystonia) due to low dopamine and serotonin..